Q. Are the questions of the same standard as those in an ICM exam?

A. Yes. The questions are written by the same people who prepare ICM exams.

Q. How long will I have access to the sample online tests?

A. Your registration fee gives you access to the sample online tests for 12 months.

Q. How long will I have to complete the questions in the final exam?

A. You will have 60 minutes to complete 60 questions which should be plenty of time. Plus you will have 15 minutes at the beginning of the exam to get used to the computer at the Pearson VUE testing centre.

Q. Will I be able to miss questions in the final exam and change answers?

A. Yes you can either miss or flag questions in the final exam if you are unsure and then return to consider them again at the end of the exam.

Q. How is the final exam graded?

A. The final exam is graded with a Level 3 pass, Level 2 pass and a fail grade.

Q. When can I take my test and how long will it take to get my result?

A. For the pilot e-test you will get your result at the same time as those taking the written examination, i.e. approximately 3 months later. This will give time to calibrate results and set standards.

Eventually you will have the opportunity to take an online test four times a year (January, March, June and October) and you will receive provisional results immediately after the online test.

Q. How can I register for the final e-test?

A. You will need to register with the ICM Awarding Body or be an ICM Member. We will then notify you by email when it is time to register online for the test.

Q. Are the tests available to international students resident outside of the UK?

A. Yes, Just get in touch with the ICM (awardingbody@icm.org.uk) and provided there are at least 10 candidates the ICM can make arrangements for a local online testing centre. However, pleae note that fees will be slightly higher (approx £10 more) due to the extra work involved setting up the arrangement.

Q. Where will I take my final e-test?

A. All ICM online exams are taken at Pearson VUE testing centres which are found in most UK towns and cities. See link to list of centres below:

Pearson Vue e-test centres

Book your test promptly to ensure a place at your closest centre. Spaces at popular centres go quickly. If you live abroad, contact the ICM Awarding Body at the beginning of your course to discuss your options. Email: awardingbody@icm.org.uk.



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